Real Anymore (video)

We’ve got a busy few days coming up here at Randolph’s Leap HQ. Tonight (6/9/13) we’re celebrating the release of our new mini-album, ‘Real Anymore’, with a gig at the Glad Cafe in Shawlands. We’ve got David from Kid Canaveral and St Kilda Mailboat playing too, so it should be a pretty fun evening. There aren’t many tickets left, so if you want to avoid any disappointment you can book tickets from our webshop up until around 4pm.

As if that isn’t exciting enough, we have a brand new video for the single, ‘Real Anymore‘ which you can stream above. If ironing, funky dancing and fake beards float your boat then you’re going to love it!

If you can’t make it along tonight, then get yourself along to Love Music for 5:30pm tomorrow (7/9/13) as Adam is going to be playing an in-store gig as part of their Cassette Store Day celebrations. We’ve had just 20 copies of ‘Real Anymore’ made up on cassette, so if you like your music with a bit of hiss you’re in luck – get yours while stocks last from Love Music and Monorail in Glasgow and VoxBox in Edinburgh.

The album officially comes out on Monday coming (9/9/13), but if you can’t wait that long then just head over to our new web shop and pre-order yourself a copy.

Talking of Monday, we’re going to be live in session on BBC Radio Scotland with Nicola Meighan who is sitting in for Vic Galloway. We’re going to be playing two of our own songs plus a surprise cover … tune in from 8.05pm to find out what we’ve come up with!


Lost Map



We’re very pleased to announce our involvement with the brand new Lost Map RecordsFounded by Johnny ‘The Pictish Trail‘ Lynch is the new home for many amazing acts. It’ll all be very familiar to fans of Fence Records. Check out this article in The List for a good explanation of how this new label emerged.  

It’s going to be an exciting time. I’d recommend checking out all of the bands on the Lost Map roster: Rozi Plain, Kid Canaveral, Seamus Fogarty, eagleowl, Monoganon and Pictish Trail.

In fact, sign up to the mailing list and you’ll get a free song from each act, including our track ‘Black & Blue’, which you can stream below. The plan is to release our next full-length album on Lost Map, we will bring you more info as and when it’s available!



lost map



Welcome To Our New Website!


Hope you’re all diddlin’ along just fine. We’ll do our best to supply you with up-to-the-minute updates on anything Randolphian but first things first we wanted to let you know all about our upcoming 7-song mini-album which is coming out on 9th September.

It’s called Real Anymore and we’re teaming up again with the wonderful Olive Grove Records who released our first ever EP back in 2010.

It’ll be fully available on CD and digital download from Sept 9th. You can get a copy at our launch gig on Sept 6th. Click below for more gig info.

Real Anymore launch – Glad Café, Glasgow, Sept 6th

The mini-album tracklisting is as follows:

Real Anymore
Indie King

If you go to our Bandcamp page now you can get a FREE DOWNLOAD of the Real Anymore single.


Thanks to Pete MacDonald (State Broadcasters) for helping record and produce it and Kris Ferguson for doing the artwork. The CD has a lovely 4-panel design.

Thanks for reading. Hope to see you waving your copy aloft at a gig sometime soon.



Real Anymore CD (mini album)


The Real Anymore mini-album pits Nature against Technology, love against loathing and humour against heartbreak. You will find tongue-in-cheek wit aplenty as Adam recounts his imagined career as a telephone psychic and tackles issues of ‘tweeness’ with self-deprecatory aplomb. Moments of darkness and doubt also await you as you scratch beneath the chirpy veneer but – worry not – our protagonist finds ultimate salvation in the great outdoors and emerges jubilant, clutching a string of typically tenuous rhyming couplets.


Track Listing

1. Conversation

2. Real Anymore

3. Psychic

4. Nature

5. Winceworthy

6. Technology

7. Indie King

Order Real Anymore CD CD @ £6.00

Introducing​.​.​. Randolph’s Leap CD



Introducing…’ is a selection of some our favourite songs that we’ve released to date. There is much more to come soon though, including an EP with Fence Records and our debut album proper which we are currently recording. The CD Version also includes bonus EP, ‘The Way of the Mollusc’

Track Listing

1. Counting Sheep

2. Squeamish

3. Undergod

4. Deep Blue Sea

5. Special

6. Cassie O’Tone

7. The Nonsense In My Soul

8. Please Don’t Belong

9. I Can’t Dance To This Music Anymore

10. Going Home

11. Dying In My Sleep


Bonus EP – The Way of the Mollusc

1. Sober

2. You Should Know

3. Curfew

4. Loss of Doubt

5. Mollusc One

6. Transparent

7. Mollusc Two

8. Wack

9. The Way

Out of Stock

The Curse of the Haunted Headphones and As Fast As A Man CD

The Curse of the Haunted Headphones/As Fast As A Man CD


Compilation CD featuring two home recorded albums – ‘The Curse of the Haunted Headphones’ and ‘As Fast As A Man’.

‘The Curse of the Haunted Headphones’ was originally released on limited cassette in February 2012. This home-recorded album takes the listener on a hair-raising journey from the wilds of Nairnshire to the karaoke bars of historic Edinburgh, showcasing Adam Ross’s distinctive songwriting skills and destructive audio production skills. Despite its lo-fi nature the album received some terrific reviews with The List heralding “funny, poignant acoustic arias… Randolph’s Leap are in an endearing, harmonious league of their own”, whilst the acclaimed music blogger Song by Toad proclaimed Adam to be “just about my favourite lyricist in Scotland in the moment”.

In September 2012 Randolph’s Leap put the tin whistles and cheap keyboards to one side and recorded mini-album ‘As Fast As A Man’. It features live favourite ‘Weatherman’ and a whole host of other goodies recorded in the living rooms of Adam Ross and violinist Heather Thikey. Low-key and understated in nature, As Fast As A Man arguably features some of the most emotionally raw Randolph’s Leap material to date.

Coming in at a whopping 64 minutes and featuring 24 tracks, this new compilation CD is an ideal way to familiarise yourself with the DIY charms of Randolph’s Leap.

Track Listing

As Fast As A Man

1. Uncharted

2. Weatherman

3. Goodbye

4. Violins

5. Rough

6. Please Don’t Belong

7. Artist

8. As Fast As A Man

9. Come Midafternoon

The Curse of the Haunted Headphones

1. Sunday Morning

2. Deep Blue Sea

3. I Can’t Dance To This Music Anymore

4. Level One

5. News

6. The Nonsense In My Soul

7. Bile

8. On That Fateful Day

9. Level Two

10. Dying In My Sleep

11. Cassie O’Tone

12. The Will To Shave

13. 13

14. Falling In Love

15. Suitable

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Furtive Glances – Limited edition cassette

moosepicwithtext3_vectorized tapes


Back in April we released a limited edition cassette released for Record Store Day 2013. Up until now these have only been available either in stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh and at live shows. Seeing as we have a few copies left over we’ve decided to make them available online.


Furtive Glances is an EP of home recordings compiled by Adam. As an added bonus, the cassette also includes a download code for the EP and a bonus compilation featuring some old unreleased material.


Track Listing

1. Counting Sheep (alternative version)

2. The Foolishness of Youth

3. Black and Blue

4. Gina

5. Cold

6. Light of the Moon

Bonus downloads

7. As I Lie In The Mud (demo)

8. Crisps (demo)

9. Hip Hip Hooray (demo)

10. Home Alone (demo)

11. If We Fall In Love (demo)

12. Listen To The Silence (demo)

13. Louse (demo)

14. Man, I Feel Rough (demo)

15. The Never Knowns (demo)

16. Two Minutes (demo)

17. Undergod (demo)

Out of Stock