Furtive Glances – Limited edition cassette

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Back in April we released a limited edition cassette released for Record Store Day 2013. Up until now these have only been available either in stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh and at live shows. Seeing as we have a few copies left over we’ve decided to make them available online.


Furtive Glances is an EP of home recordings compiled by Adam. As an added bonus, the cassette also includes a download code for the EP and a bonus compilation featuring some old unreleased material.


Track Listing

1. Counting Sheep (alternative version)

2. The Foolishness of Youth

3. Black and Blue

4. Gina

5. Cold

6. Light of the Moon

Bonus downloads

7. As I Lie In The Mud (demo)

8. Crisps (demo)

9. Hip Hip Hooray (demo)

10. Home Alone (demo)

11. If We Fall In Love (demo)

12. Listen To The Silence (demo)

13. Louse (demo)

14. Man, I Feel Rough (demo)

15. The Never Knowns (demo)

16. Two Minutes (demo)

17. Undergod (demo)

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