It’s 2014. Welcome to the future.



Happy 2014. Hope you are well.

If you haven’t already heard, Lost Map Records have announced the first few details of our upcoming full-length album. It’s called ‘Clumsy Knot’. It’s coming out on April 7th and we’re launching it with a gig at Glasgow’s Kinning Park Complex on April 5th.

I’m excited as heck. I think it’s definitely the best album we’ve made so far. It covers a bit of everything: full band songs next to solo numbers, home recordings next to studio recordings and shabby folk-pop next to Cuban rap. It’s mostly shabby folk-pop though. Johnny from Lost Map called it “wonky pop”, which I like the sound of.

Visit the Lost Map website for a fuller introduction to the album. Light of the Moon (the song that gives the album its title) is streaming on Soundcloud and here’s a wee video I put together for it.

Tickets for the Kinning Park launch gig are currently going cheep in what the kids like to call an ‘early-bird’ promotion. Get them for £6 right here.

There’ll be a whole bunch of stuff happening in the lead up to the album launch so keep your thighs peeled. We’re already booked to play some gigs in Feb/March with fellow Lost Mappers and strip billiards fanatics Kid Canaveral as part of their Who Would Want To Be Loved? Lumber Party tour. If you haven’t already heard WWWTBL? it’s an absolute gem of a song taken from an amazing, heart-gladdening, toe-twitcher of an album. We’ll be joining the Canaverals in Glasgow, Wakefield, Aberdeen, Dundee and London. DON’T BELIEVE ME? See for yourself.

*Note* Due to problems with collective travel sickness and xenophobia, the two English dates will be solo Randolph’s Leap shows. We’re working on facilitating some band gigs south of the border soon.


Hold your horses though… Before we fully immerse ourselves in the Lost Map album campaign, we’re having a party with our buddies at Olive Grove Records. It’s a Celtic Connections special at Oran Mor and it’s happening on Sunday the 26th of January. Also on the bill are Woodenbox, Call to Mind, The State Broadcasters, The Moth & The Mirror and Jo Mango. All lovely people and terrific music-makers. We’re commencing proceedings and we’ll be on stage around 5ish so have a big lunch and make sure you get there early. Tickets are available from the Celtic Connections website.


Maybe you live too far away to come to Celtic Connections? Perhaps you live in the north of England? In that case, why not pop along to the Old Cinema Laundrette in Durham on Jan 25th where I will be playing a solo set? I think it’ll be a really special night. Come along! Bring a friend! Tickets are available here.


For some reason I seem to be working my way backwards through the gigs. If you can’t hack my anti-conventionalist take on life then just stop reading. On Monday, this Monday, Monday the 20th of January I am supporting the legendary Adam Green (Moldy Peaches). This is happening at Broadcast in Glasgow and it’ll be drop-dead pleasant. Tickets can be bought by clicking on these words and here’s a Moldy song to get you in the spirit.

Enjoy the rest of your January. Hopefully see you soon. Plenty more Clumsy Knot shenanigans on the way…

Adam ‘the tank’ Ross