March update! Clumsy Knot pre-sales available now!

Hiya. Adam here. Hope you’re doing well.

I’m not long after finishing up our tour with Kid Canaveral. We joined them throughout their ‘Who Would Want To Be Loved?’ crusade. It’s a cracker of a single they’ve got there. It’s available on hot pink heart-shaped vinyl and the B-side is their cover of our song ‘I Can’t Dance To This Music Anymore’.


The tour consisted of gigs in Glasgow, Wakefield, Aberdeen, Dundee and London. My car broke down as we were leaving for Aberdeen but, apart from that, it was all very enjoyable and well attended. So thanks if you came along.

Here are some of the Leapers enjoying fish’n’chips in Stonehaven. Highly recommended.


I was chuffed meet comedy chieftain Sean Hughes in London. I recorded an interview and a couple of songs for his show on Fubar Radio. Should be going out on Sunday. I then got the overnight sleeper megabus back to Glasgow and only bumped my head eleven times.

Great tour. Kid Canaveral rocked it every night. Pleasure to be involved.

Here’s a review of the Dundee show.

We took a modest pile of Clumsy Knot LPs with us to sell on tour. And we sold ’em all! Cheers if you bought one. If not, it’s available to pre-order NOW from the Lost Map website. The official release date is April 7th.

Don’t forget about our album launch gig!


Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow on April 5th. It’s a really cool venue and we’re spoiling you with opening acts Rachael Dadd and Sweet Baboo. Get your tickets now to avoid missing out on this special, special night.

Been filming a couple of music videos recently. The first one should be ready fairly soon. I did all my own stunts.

Gigs this week include Friday 14th at the Glad Café with the amazing Seamus Fogarty and then Saturday 15th at Twa Tams as part of the Perth Words & Music Festival.

Catch you soon!