September update

Hello! I didn’t realise it had been quite such a long time since the last update. Sorry for keeping you all in such nerve-tingling suspense. Been a good summer. We played the Howlin’ Fling festival on the island of Eigg which is one of the best festivals in the world. We had our first ever crowdsurfer And here’s Pete repelling midges… smidge   Then, on July 27th, we hosted our very own event. It was called ‘I Can’t Dance To This Music’. It was ostensibly a single-launch but also what we hope will be a recurring venture. I was really chuffed with the other bands who joined us. Here’s a review of the gig from Manic Pop Thrills. Follow this link for some compelling background info on the single and the opportunity to buy it (in classic ‘giant train ticket + download code’ format) postcard   We also played the Belladrum Festival. It’s the first festival I ever attended and the first one we performed at as a band. So it was nice to be back. We did a second, unplugged set in the whisky bothy. It was very fun. Here’s a flattering photo of us. bella We played a really enjoyable show at the Electric Circus in August. Manic Pop Thrills strikes again with some great photos and a review. But that’s all in the past. What’s next??? On Saturday I’m playing solo at the Long Division Festival in Wakefield. In October we’re playing the following gigs:

Friday 3rdBeat Generator, Dundee

Saturday 4thTenement Trail, Glasgow

Saturday 25thAlbert Halls, Stirling

Sunday 26thRedd Suite, Dundee – Solo, supporting James Yorkston


There will hopefully be something else happening in October. Still thrashing out the details but it’ll be cool if it comes together… It’s also been announced that we’re playing the (now legendary) Kid Canaveral’s Xmas Baubles on December 13th. That’ll be an absolute hoot. Tickets always sell out so head over to the Lost Map site to get yours. That’s about it. We’ve booked some studio time in November. Gonna be recording the next album. Exciting! Catch you later. Adam