I Can’t Dance To This Music #3


Happy New Year to you all.

We are delighted to announce the first acts for I Can’t Dance To This Music #3 at the CCA, Glasgow on March 21st. They are WITHERED HAND and EAGLEOWL Yeeeha!

We’re big fans and label-buddies of eagleowl and we’re super-chuffed to have Withered Hand on board. He was recently awarded The Herald’s Scottish Album of the Year and will be playing a solo set for us. Early-bird tickets have sold out but a batch of £12 tickets are available via Lost Map.

Also, the Weatherman single is officially out this week. Here’s a link to the video, starring THE Michael Fish. You can download the song and the full album from iTunes or you can get a CD/vinyl copy of Clumsy Knot from our website.

Catch you soon.

Adam & co.