Following the announcement of Tigercats, the musical lineup is now complete for I Can’t Dance To This Music on March 21st at Glasgow’s CCA.

Tigercats are a fantastic, feel-good band from London. They’ve just released a new album called ‘Mysteries’ on Fortuna Pop. We’re absolutely delighted to have them on board.

The lineup now looks like this:

* Tigercats

* Withered Hand (solo)

* Eagleowl

* Prehistoric Friends

* Viking Moses (solo)

* Kate Canaveral

* Henry & Fleetwood

* Randolph’s Leap

* Andrew Learmonth (stand-up)

* Paul McDaniel (stand-up)

* Richie Brown (stand-up)

* Gold Flake Paint (DJs)

There is one more comedian who we’ll announce nearer the time. Tickets are still £12 but this will only last until the end of the month. From March 1st they’ll go up to £15. For 8 bands and 4 comedians, we still think that’s a bargain. Get tickets here.

In other news, we’re steadily putting plans together for the year. There are a bunch of gigs in the pipeline, including newly announced shows in Edinburgh and Newcastle (see below). We’re also finalising a live mini-album and putting the finishing touches to our brand new, full-band studio record.

Catch you soon!

MAR 7 – Royal British Legion, Lerwick, Shetland
MAR 21 – CCA Glasgow – I Can’t Dance To This Music III
APR 25 – Mining Institute, Newcastle Upon Tyne
MAY 2 – Brew at the Bog Festival, Inverness
MAY 7 – Summerhall, Edinburgh
AUG 29 – Electric Fields Festival, Dumfries
SEP 5 – Bingley Music Live Festival, Bradford