November update


Long time no blog.

It’s been a busy year for us, musically and otherwise. Amid all the gigs and festivals there have been weddings, overseas voyages, house moves and job changes. Iain’s multifarious talents have landed him a job in Birmingham so you may notice a new face behind the drum kit. That face is attached to a body and that body belongs to a person. His name is Adam and he has red hair so I’ve naturally taken a shine to him. Welcome aboard Adam! Lang may yer snare rattle.

My big change is that after 7 years of living in Glasgow I’ve moved to a small village in Stirlingshire. It’s quite a change of pace. Glasgow is a mad place and such a strong cultural force so I definitely miss certain aspects. But the countryside provides so many other things that I’ve been looking for in life. I’ve even discovered that the driver of the mobile library is a fan of the band. That’s a key Randolph’s Leap demographic right there.

Gargunnock views
Gargunnock views

Music-wise, we’ve been getting artwork and a few videos ready for the next album. Just waiting for an ETA from the manufacturers and then we should be able to set a release date for 2016. The sooner the better as far as I’m concerned. It’s an exciting stage, and an odd feeling, drawing a line under everything and putting it in someone else’s hands. It’s amazing that all of the mixing, mastering and artwork creation can be sorted out via an internet connection – the files have been back and forth from Glasgow to London, Cardiff, Finland and even Thailand – but it’s nice to finally be yanking it out of cyberspace and turning it into something real.

I’m really pleased with the album. I’ll keep the title a secret for a bit longer. It has a different sound to previous stuff we’ve done. It’s a studio album, recorded semi-live and it has a robustness and energy to it that I think feels quite fresh. I’ve got really good memories of the recording process and I think the songs have been captured in a way that sounds like a bunch of friends having fun together. Which is nice. We’ll save anguish, trauma and violence for the next record.

Rolling out the red carpet for new drummer Adam Florence

We’ve got some end of year gigs coming up. First is Girl Effect #2 at Mono this Thursday (November 26th). I will be playing a couple of solo cover versions of girl group songs. The event is a fundraiser for Scottish Women’s Aid and the lineup is cracking.

Then we have headline gigs in Glasgow and Edinburgh. We’re at the Hug & Pint on Saturday 28th November and the Summerhall on Friday 4th December. Support for Glasgow is Urvanonic and Edinburgh is Martha Ffion. Both are excellent.

Finally, we’re doing an acoustic set on December 18th for the Flourish House Christmas Meal Fundraiser. It’s at the Hug & Pint again with performances from Finn LeMarinel and Carbs (who you may remember from ICDDTM#2) plus DJing from members of Franz Ferdinand and Happy Meals. Flourish House is a charity that enables people with mental health difficulties to gain a sense of well-being and the money raised from this show will pay for members to have Christmas dinner together. So please come along to that and help support the cause. No excuses.

Catch ye soon!


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