Autumn 2020 update

Hello! This blog was feeling a bit unloved… does anyone still use band websites? The growing list of social media channels (I’ve got a Patreon now!) demand a lot of attention so apologies to anyone out there relying on this page for updates. Basically, anything you’ve missed is on Bandcamp. Since lockdown, I’ve been channeling lots of time and energy into DIY recording. You’ll find two full Randolph’s Leap albums, a fake live solo album and a country-pop album under my cowboy robot pseudonym A.R. Pinewood. Check it all out here.

I’ve also been releasing a new song every month through my Song Club on Patreon. You can sign up for a monthly subscription and receive a new recording every four weeks. Join here!

I’ve been doing some online gigs, usually on Facebook Live. The next one is at 8pm on Friday 6th November which also happens to be a #BandcampFriday and we just might have something brand new and very exciting in store…

Catch you soon!