New emergency album!

The summer’s going to bring us light…

Hi. I hope you’re doing alright. I should have been seeing some of you in person this week but in light of the cancelled tour this’ll have to do instead. It probably doesn’t need saying, but all of our live dates are off until further notice. I wanted to turn this situation into something positive though, so I spent the week in my wee home studio recording new music. It was a really enjoyable experience and a bit of an experiment. I finished the music on Thursday evening and put it online via Bandcamp and social media on Friday. Thanks so much if you’ve already downloaded it. If not, it’s called (You Can’t Put The) Brakes On Love, it features my first-ever Motown song and you can find it HERE.

Since last year, music-related work has been my primary source of income through songwriting, touring and other project work (here’s a link to a fun teaching project I worked on in January) so I’m incredibly grateful for your support at the moment.

Hope you’re staying safe and staying home!