New music video + STV Riverside Show

Hi. Adam here.

In case you haven’t already seen it, here’s our new video for I Can’t Dance To This Music Anymore. It was directed by Jack Willison and was shot in Glasgow and Glenfinnan.

The Glenfinnan day was particularly good fun (despite the hailstone showers and the difficulty of playing guitar with numb fingers). Cheers to Jack, his film crew and his mum for feeding us!

I Can’t Dance To This Music Anymore is being released as a single on Sunday July 27th and we’re having a party in Glasgow to celebrate. It’s happening at the Bowlers Bar and we’ve got some great bands joining us. Follow this link for more information. And here’s a promotional video that we filmed at the Bowlers Bar itself.

And if you thought you were already sick of hearing that particular song… HERE IT IS AGAIN! I played it along with Weatherman and Goodbye live on the telly last night. Thanks to The Riverside Show and STV Glasgow for having me. Here’s a link to the performance plus a little interview where I try to act like I’m not totally starstruck in front of DJ Romeo and Miss Scotland 2011. SHOWBIZ!




‘I Can’t Dance To This Music’ live event + more!


News time!


On Sunday 27th July we’re curating what we hope to be the first of a semi-regular event entitled I Can’t Dance To This Music. It’s taking place at the Bowler’s Bar in Glasgow in conjunction with East End Social.

Here’s a video we made in the Bowler’s Bar to give you an idea of what to expect:

We’ve roped in some great musicians to help us. This includes…

* The heroic Duglas T Stewart of romantic indie-pop legends The BMX Bandits.

* Neil Pennycook, the crackpot genius behind Edinburgh’s wonderful Meursault.

The State Broadcasters. We’ve managed to twist their collective arm into playing a rare gig. These guys are good pals who released their second album on good old Olive Grove Records in 2012 and are currently working on the third. They’ll make you feel warm and musically-chuffed.

* Skinny Dipper. You’ll recognise three Leapers amongst their ranks (Vicki, Heather and Ali). They specialise in buoyant, sunny harmonies and rival us in the ‘number of people on a stage at one time’ competition. They’ve just finished recording their first EP. Very excited to hear it!

In addition to this, the DJ/author/tweed enthusiast and all-round good guy Vic Galloway will be compering the event and playing some tunes. Lovely.

We’re really looking forward to this. Hope you can come along. Tickets are available HERE


On the subject of gigs…


ed gig


On August 23rd we’ll be in Edinburgh for a gig at the Electric Circus. We always have a good time in Edinburgh. Really glad to have Tuff Love supporting. The Fringe will be going on around this time so, depending on your disposition, this gig could be the cherry atop a wonderful day of comedy and drama or it could be a welcome refuge from aggressive leafleting and terrible street theatre… Hope to see you there! TICKET LINK


Those are the big newses. We’ve been gigging around the country recently from London all the way up to Shetland. Here are some photos of our Shetland gig, courtesy of a fella called Chris Brown:


It was a fun weekend. We also really enjoyed Brew at the Bog back in May. You can catch a glimpse of us in this highlights video.


Lastly, a reminder that our album ‘Clumsy Knot’ is available on CD and vinyl LP. Both come with a lovely little booklet called ‘A Field Guide To Randolph’s Leap’.

karen l vaughan

(Thanks to Karen L Vaughan on Twitter for the photo)



Thanks for reading! Here are our upcoming gigs:

Jun 21st – Solas Festival, Perth

Jul 18th – Howlin’ Fling, Isle Of Eigg

Jul 27th – The Bowler’s Bar, Glasgow (I Can’t Dance To This Music special)

Aug 1st – Cloudspotting Festival, Blackburn

Aug 8th –  Belladrum Festival, Inverness

Aug 23th – The Electric Circus, Edinburgh

Sept 13th – Long Division, Wakefield (solo gig)


Catch you soon!

Randolph’s Leap

Clumsy Knot is released today!

photo by Matthew McAndrew
photo by Matthew McAndrew

Hi everyone.

Our new album Clumsy Knot was successfully released today! As the sedation steadily wore off, it clambered out of its reinforced pet-carrier and took its first steps into the wild and unkempt music marketplace.

Here are some nice things that people have said about it (and not just out of politeness neither!)

“the Jonathan Richman of Scottish indie”

“Masters of melody… lo-fi indie-pop gems”

“wordplay-fuelled compendium of lovesick croons, instrumental wrangles, awkward hosannas and gorgeous, longing pop arias”

“Album of the week”

“Merry silliness… low-key beauty… some of Ross’s finest work”

“The next generation of witty Scottish indie pop”

“Thoughtful, funny and uplifting album”

“A near perfect and lovely 45 minutes that you’ll be hard pushed to find anywhere else”

“Quietly hilarious… entertaining and thoughtful from start to finish”

It’s available on CD and vinyl both of which come with a booklet entitled A Field Guide to Clumsy Knot to help you navigate your way through the album.

You can buy it NOW from our website.

It’s also available via Lost Map as well as from the following retailers:
Monorail Music, Glasgow
Love Music, Glasgow
CODA, Edinburgh
VoxBox, Edinburgh
Unknown Pleasures, Edinburgh
Rough Trade, London 

Clumsy Knot is also available on iTunes and other digital retailers.

If you want a sneaky preview of the album, Folk Radio UK are streaming it for one week only!

Huge thanks to everyone who came along to the launch gig at Glasgow’s Kinning Park Complex. We had a great time. Sweet Baboo and Rachael Dadd both played wonderful sets. Here are some photos from the night courtesy of Matthew McAndrew at the Line of Best Fit.

Thanks to Johnny from Lost Map for running the event, Kid Canaveral and eagleowl representatives for doing the merch desk, the Kinning Park staff for being utterly staffsome and friendly plus Lloyd, Sarah and everyone else who lent a hand.

Hope you can get hold of the album and enjoy it. Here are our upcoming gigs. Maybe see you soon!

Randolph’s Leap


Apr 18 @ Wales Goes Pop, Cardiff

Apr 19 @ Stockton Calling, Stockton

May 1 @ The Roxy, Glasgow (Adam solo)

May 3 @ Brew at the Bog, Inverness

May 18 @ Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, London

May 31 @ The Royal British Legion, Lerwick, Shetland

Jun 20-22 @ Solas Festival, Perth

Jul 18-20 @ Lost Map’s Howlin’ Fling, Isle of Eigg

Aug 1 @ Cloudspotting Festival, Blackburn

Aug 8 @ Belladrum Festival, Inverness

New album launched this weekend


Not long at all until our new album ‘Clumsy Knot’ is launched. You can pre-order it from the Lost Map website. It’s available on vinyl and CD both of which come packaged with a booklet entitled ‘A Field Guide to Clumsy Knot’ which features information, maps, photos, a guided walk and some other things to help you navigate your way through the album.

Here’s what the whole bundle looks like.


(thanks to @needlesandspins on Twitter for the image)

A much more fun way to get hold of the album is to come along to our album launch tomorrow at Glasgow’s Kinning Park Complex. Check out the amazing feature about it in today’s Metro.


Tickets are becoming pretty scarce but you can still order for £8 via the Lost Map ticket link and these’ll be held on the door under your name. We’re not sure if there’ll be tickets left to buy on the night but, if there are, they’ll be £10 so we’d recommend buying in advance.

Remember to abide by the dress code…

Man vs Bear Tee

(available from our online shop)

The support acts are both superb. If you want to swot up in preparation, Rachael Dadd has a new single out and Sweet Baboo was on Marc Riley’s 6Music show last night.

Think that’s all you need to know. Might as well post the video again… See you soon!

Foolishness of Youth video

Foolishness of Youth


Just a quick announcement to point you in the direction of our new video for Foolishness of Youth, which is premiering on The Skinny’s website.

It was created by the amazing team at Wake Up Advice. I had a ball making it. They basically took me on a three-day, activity-filled mystery tour.

The song is on our new album, Clumsy Knot, released on April 7th. I’d encourage you all to get some tickets for the launch gig on April 5th in Glasgow. It’s going to be a fun old night.

Lots of love,


March update! Clumsy Knot pre-sales available now!

Hiya. Adam here. Hope you’re doing well.

I’m not long after finishing up our tour with Kid Canaveral. We joined them throughout their ‘Who Would Want To Be Loved?’ crusade. It’s a cracker of a single they’ve got there. It’s available on hot pink heart-shaped vinyl and the B-side is their cover of our song ‘I Can’t Dance To This Music Anymore’.


The tour consisted of gigs in Glasgow, Wakefield, Aberdeen, Dundee and London. My car broke down as we were leaving for Aberdeen but, apart from that, it was all very enjoyable and well attended. So thanks if you came along.

Here are some of the Leapers enjoying fish’n’chips in Stonehaven. Highly recommended.


I was chuffed meet comedy chieftain Sean Hughes in London. I recorded an interview and a couple of songs for his show on Fubar Radio. Should be going out on Sunday. I then got the overnight sleeper megabus back to Glasgow and only bumped my head eleven times.

Great tour. Kid Canaveral rocked it every night. Pleasure to be involved.

Here’s a review of the Dundee show.

We took a modest pile of Clumsy Knot LPs with us to sell on tour. And we sold ’em all! Cheers if you bought one. If not, it’s available to pre-order NOW from the Lost Map website. The official release date is April 7th.

Don’t forget about our album launch gig!


Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow on April 5th. It’s a really cool venue and we’re spoiling you with opening acts Rachael Dadd and Sweet Baboo. Get your tickets now to avoid missing out on this special, special night.

Been filming a couple of music videos recently. The first one should be ready fairly soon. I did all my own stunts.

Gigs this week include Friday 14th at the Glad Café with the amazing Seamus Fogarty and then Saturday 15th at Twa Tams as part of the Perth Words & Music Festival.

Catch you soon!



It’s 2014. Welcome to the future.



Happy 2014. Hope you are well.

If you haven’t already heard, Lost Map Records have announced the first few details of our upcoming full-length album. It’s called ‘Clumsy Knot’. It’s coming out on April 7th and we’re launching it with a gig at Glasgow’s Kinning Park Complex on April 5th.

I’m excited as heck. I think it’s definitely the best album we’ve made so far. It covers a bit of everything: full band songs next to solo numbers, home recordings next to studio recordings and shabby folk-pop next to Cuban rap. It’s mostly shabby folk-pop though. Johnny from Lost Map called it “wonky pop”, which I like the sound of.

Visit the Lost Map website for a fuller introduction to the album. Light of the Moon (the song that gives the album its title) is streaming on Soundcloud and here’s a wee video I put together for it.

Tickets for the Kinning Park launch gig are currently going cheep in what the kids like to call an ‘early-bird’ promotion. Get them for £6 right here.

There’ll be a whole bunch of stuff happening in the lead up to the album launch so keep your thighs peeled. We’re already booked to play some gigs in Feb/March with fellow Lost Mappers and strip billiards fanatics Kid Canaveral as part of their Who Would Want To Be Loved? Lumber Party tour. If you haven’t already heard WWWTBL? it’s an absolute gem of a song taken from an amazing, heart-gladdening, toe-twitcher of an album. We’ll be joining the Canaverals in Glasgow, Wakefield, Aberdeen, Dundee and London. DON’T BELIEVE ME? See for yourself.

*Note* Due to problems with collective travel sickness and xenophobia, the two English dates will be solo Randolph’s Leap shows. We’re working on facilitating some band gigs south of the border soon.


Hold your horses though… Before we fully immerse ourselves in the Lost Map album campaign, we’re having a party with our buddies at Olive Grove Records. It’s a Celtic Connections special at Oran Mor and it’s happening on Sunday the 26th of January. Also on the bill are Woodenbox, Call to Mind, The State Broadcasters, The Moth & The Mirror and Jo Mango. All lovely people and terrific music-makers. We’re commencing proceedings and we’ll be on stage around 5ish so have a big lunch and make sure you get there early. Tickets are available from the Celtic Connections website.


Maybe you live too far away to come to Celtic Connections? Perhaps you live in the north of England? In that case, why not pop along to the Old Cinema Laundrette in Durham on Jan 25th where I will be playing a solo set? I think it’ll be a really special night. Come along! Bring a friend! Tickets are available here.


For some reason I seem to be working my way backwards through the gigs. If you can’t hack my anti-conventionalist take on life then just stop reading. On Monday, this Monday, Monday the 20th of January I am supporting the legendary Adam Green (Moldy Peaches). This is happening at Broadcast in Glasgow and it’ll be drop-dead pleasant. Tickets can be bought by clicking on these words and here’s a Moldy song to get you in the spirit.

Enjoy the rest of your January. Hopefully see you soon. Plenty more Clumsy Knot shenanigans on the way…

Adam ‘the tank’ Ross




Has everybody heard the news


Hello! Hope you are well.

On Monday night we’re going to be delighting Christmas shoppers and ice-rink enthusiasts by performing in Glasgow’s George Square. The stage is being curated by the Oran Mor for the evening between 6pm and 10pm. Three Blind Wolves are also performing. This is to help promote our Oran Mor Celtic Connections gig on Jan 26th (more about that in a minute).

On Wednesday night we’re headlining the MILK Christmas Party at Flat 0/1, Glasgow. The Arches Community Choir are singing some songs, there are DJ sets from Admiral Fallow and MILK are also promising special mystery guests. My money is on it being Slade. I think this’ll be a really fun night and it’ll be the last full band gig we do in 2013.

On Thursday I’m playing solo in The Drake (Glasgow again) alongside everyone’s favourite panda… Tian Tian! Not really, IT’S PANDA SU! This’ll be a nice wee cosy affair. Come along if you can.

In other news, we’re releasing a wee Christmas EP. It’ll be available as a Christmas card with download code. More information soon. It features some unusual covers.

Let’s look to the future now… (it’s only just beguu-uuu-uuuun).

I’m journeying down to Durham on Jan 25th to play unplugged in an amazing little venue called the Old Cinema Laundrette. It is exactly what it sounds. It’ll be ‘intimate’, tickets are limited to 30 or so and can be purchased here.  I haven’t played many gigs in England. If you’re down in that neck of the woods please come along. It should be a really nice wee evening. I’ll practice and everything…

Then I’m zipping back up to Glasgow for the Celtic Connections Oran Mor gig. This is an Olive Grove Records special, featuring Jo MangoThe State BroadcastersWoodenboxThe Moth & The Mirror and new signings Call To Mind. After this it’ll be full steam ahead with the launch of our next album on Lost Map Records. We won’t be straying far from the Olive Grove family but this gig will be a really nice event and a chance for us to say a huge thanks to the hard work done by Olive Grove. I think this will be a full band gig.

Olive Grove Showcase-page-001

Next on the agenda is a tour with Kid Canaveral! They’re such a great band and super people. They’re releasing their new single Who Would Want To Be Loved. It’s my favourite song on their new album. A pop classic. There’s going to be a b-side to the single which might be familiar to Randolph’s Leap fans. Here are the dates for the Kid Canaveral gigs. All are full band apart from Wakefield.

Feb 14th – Glasgow, Stereo
Feb 15th – Wakefield, The Hop
March 7th – Aberdeen, The Tunnels
March 8th – Dundee, Beat Generator
March 9th – London, The Lexington

Can’t wait!

Looking further ahead, we’ve been confirmed for Brew at the Bog on May 3rd alongside the aforementioned Canaverals, some Olive Grove buddies and many more talented individuals. Earlybird tickets are available now for just £29 plus booking fees.

I am also going to be playing at The Glasgow Pop! South All Day-and-a-halfer event which takes place on the weekend of February 8th and 9th at The Glad Cafe in Glasgow.

That’ll do you for now. There’s plenty more in the pipeline. The forthcoming Lost Map album is currently being mastered. Can’t wait for you to hear it.

All the best folks,


Flying Solo


Adam here, ready and willing to take on the galaxy with a string of SOLO gigs.

First up is the Broadcast Birthday Bash on Friday October 25th. The gig is free entry but you need to RSVP here. Broadcast is a cool venue. We used to play at the Captain’s Rest a lot and I’ve been left with some good memories and some great half-memories. Broadcast is essentially a slightly larger Captain’s Rest, plonked on Sauchiehall Street. I once had a pizza there with an egg on it.

Next up is The Electric Circus in Edinburgh opening for Sweet Baboo on November 10th. If you’re a fan of whimsical, sometimes humourous, folk-tinged indie pop with flourishes of Casio and brass then you may well enjoy Sweet Baboo. But, frankly, if that’s what you’re into then I don’t know what you’re doing here. The Occasional Flickers are also performing! Here’s a Facebook event with all the goss.

On November 21st I’ll be at The Drake in Glasgow. More details to come on that one (i.e. I currently have no details), but I’m sure it’ll be a cosy wee night with some smashing music.

Lastly, I’ll be playing at the Jazz Bar in Edinburgh on December 5th. I can’t promise any jazz but I’m 99% sure there will be a bar. Details should appear here sometime soon. I might recruit a few more Randolphers for this one. It won’t be the full band due to noise and space constraints but maybe a 3-piece or something. We’ll see what happens.

And with that enigmatic morsel I’ll bid you adieu.


More festival fun


Here’s an update on Randolph’s Leap goings-on.

First up, thanks once again for all your support regarding the mini-album, whether you attended the launch or bought a copy – and if you’ve still to get one, what the flipping heck is stopping you?

You may have thought the festival season was over and – although we won’t be braving the elements for this one – we’re delighted to be part of the 2013 Aberfeldy Festival.

We’re playing on Friday November 1st in the town hall alongside Star Wheel Press, Conquering Animal Sound, The Last Battle and Book Group

Saturday – King Creosote, Lomond Campbell, Meursault, Withered Hand and Rick Redbeard

Sunday – Saint Motel, James Yorkston, Jon Thorne, Suhail Yusuf Khan, TeenCanteen and Stanley Odd

Before that, Adam plays a handful of solo dates:

The Spree Festival in Paisley on Friday, 11th October with The Pictish Trail  plus David MacGregor (Kid Canaveral) and Ziggy Campbell (FOUND).

The following week (Thurday 17th October) it’s Pleasance Sessions in Edinburgh with The Pictish Trail & Friends from Lost Map, including Rozi Plain, Seamus Fogarty, Kid Canaveral, eagleowl, Monoganon and Adam at the Pleasance Theatre.

Next up, Adam is playing at the Broadcast 1st Birthday bash on the evening of Friday 25th October, alongside French Wives, Laki Mera, The Mademoiselle, Donald MacDonald and the Islands and The Graveyard Band. Tickets for the event are free on a first come, first served basis.

Finally, on Saturday 12th October Lost Map and Olive Grove Record will be at the Independent Label Market (Facebook events page) in Glasgow with all Randolph’s Leap releases available and (pictured below) our tasty new tote bags on sale! You can also buy the bags in our store:

Bye for now!