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  • Clumsy Knot – LP

    12″ LP Tracklist 1. Unnatural, 2. Foolishness Of Youth, 3. News, 4. Hermit, 5. Gina, 6. Light Of The Moon, 7. Weatherman, 8. Black & Blue, 9. Isle Of Love, 10. Microcosm, 11. Saxophone, 12. Cold, 13. Can’t Dance To This Music Anymore LOST MAP CAT NO: LAT 00°2 7’5.2014″    THE SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY * ALBUM OF THE WEEK* “it feels like the work of a … Continue reading “Clumsy Knot – LP”

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  • Cowardly Deeds CD

    New 10-song studio album released on 20th May 2016 Cowardly Deeds CD – £10 plus P&P

    Order Cowardly Deeds CD CD @ £10.00
  • Cowardly Deeds LP

    New 10-song studio album released on 20th May 2016 * 12 inch LP on blue vinyl + MP3s * Vinyl – £15 plus p&p  

    Order Cowardly Deeds LP LP @ £15.00
  • Introducing​.​.​. Randolph’s Leap CD

      Introducing…’ is a selection of some our favourite songs that we’ve released to date. There is much more to come soon though, including an EP with Fence Records and our debut album proper which we are currently recording. The CD Version also includes bonus EP, ‘The Way of the Mollusc’ Track Listing 1. Counting … Continue reading “Introducing​.​.​. Randolph’s Leap CD”

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  • Isle of Love – Tea Towel

    Limited edition Isle of Love tea towel, comes with a postcard featuring a digital download code of remixes by The Cormorant, CARBS, Kill The Waves & Akira.

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  • Isle of Love CD

    The soundtrack to the Right Light Lines theatre production of The Isle of Love. This compilation CD features a whopping 21 songs from the play, all for the bargain sum of just £5, that’s less than 25p a track!

    Order Isle of Love CD CD @ £10.00
  • Real Anymore CD (mini album)

    The Real Anymore mini-album pits Nature against Technology, love against loathing and humour against heartbreak. You will find tongue-in-cheek wit aplenty as Adam recounts his imagined career as a telephone psychic and tackles issues of ‘tweeness’ with self-deprecatory aplomb. Moments of darkness and doubt also await you as you scratch beneath the chirpy veneer but … Continue reading “Real Anymore CD (mini album)”

    Order Real Anymore CD CD @ £6.00
  • T-Shirt: Cowardly Deeds
    Order Cowardly Deeds T-Shirt
  • The Curse of the Haunted Headphones and As Fast As A Man CD

      Compilation CD featuring two home recorded albums – ‘The Curse of the Haunted Headphones’ and ‘As Fast As A Man’. ‘The Curse of the Haunted Headphones’ was originally released on limited cassette in February 2012. This home-recorded album takes the listener on a hair-raising journey from the wilds of Nairnshire to the karaoke bars … Continue reading “The Curse of the Haunted Headphones and As Fast As A Man CD”

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  • Worryingly Okay CD

      Worryingly Okay is a lo-fi album recorded by Adam during a period of semi-isolation having moved away from Glasgow to the north east of Scotland. The majority of the music is performed by Adam and sees a return to the DIY home recording style of Randolph’s Leap’s early releases. The album explores connections to … Continue reading “Worryingly Okay CD”

    Order Worryingly Okay CD CD @ £10.00

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